Pardoned Aussie Paedophile Trevor Lake Facing Deportation

The Australian government is no longer providing consular assistance to convicted paedophile Trevor Lake, who is understood to have received a recent pardon from the Cambodian government and now faces imminent deportation back to Australia.

Lake, now 70 years old, has served four years of an eight-year sentence imposed by Cambodian authorities in 2015.

He had been found guilty of paying for sex from two underage girls and filming the acts. The girls were 15 and 17 years old at the time of the offences.

The former high-profile Sydney-based adventure travel agent was arrested in 2014 in the Cambodian tourist resort of Siem Reap with two laptops and three cameras containing child exploitation material.

His offences were detected through the efforts of Cambodian child protection agency Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE), which referred the matter to police.

Lake was the former owner of the Discover Asia agency, and the Cambodian country manager for the Saigon-based Trails of Indo-China.

After The Canberra Times learned that Lake had received a pardon, it sought confirmation from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as to whether the Australian government had been providing him with consular assistance.

In a carefully worded statement that did not name Lake directly, the department said it was “no longer providing assistance to an Australian man previously detained in Cambodia, following his release from detention”.

“Due to privacy obligations, we are unable to provide further information.”

Lake is understood to hold both Australian and UK citizenship.

The protection agency which tipped off Lake’s offences to police reported that he would be deported following his release. His passport would be flagged which, in turn, would bring him to the attention of the Australian Border Force.

ABF and the Australian Federal Police have both been approached for comment, but neither would do so.

In 1996 the Australian Financial Review ran a series of articles about the pioneers of the Australian travel industry, and Lake was one of six people featured in the series. In May 2011, theSydney Morning Herald quoted Lake extensively in an article on the expansion of the Vietnamese tourism industry.


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