Romanian Busted With 5kg of Narcotics at SR Airport

Siem Reap: A foreigner was arrested in connection with smuggling over 5kg of drugs through Siem Reap airport by Anti-Narcotics Police in Siem Reap province.

The suspect was detained at 9:55 AM on Wednesday February 06, 2019. The Romanian man, OLARU NARCIS-MANUEL, was heading to Hong Kong, on flight KA-249 (REP-HKG).

A preliminary examination of his luggage uncovered 4 flattened plastic bags placed in the back of the four backpacks. The drugs weighed a 5,020 grams. The first package was 1,210 grams, the second 1,350 grams, the third 1,210 grams and the fourth 1,250 grams.

The Romanian was detained and handed over to the police force of Siem Reap province to proceed.

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