Thai Arrested and Beaten After Stealing 250 Baht

Pailin: A Thai man was arrested by Royal Gendarmerie officers after he stole a Thai woman’s backpack. The theft occurred at 1:00 am, February 2, 2019 in Phsar Prsengcheng village, Pailin.

According to sources, the suspect, Prek Sereivong, male, is 24-year-old Thai. The woman victim, Tep Thi Thang Lang, 65, is a Thai farmer.

The source added the arrested man was suspected of having lost his money gambling in a casino when he came out and saw the victim alone.

He snatched her bag, but a police officer at the border gate saw the action, gave chase and caught the thief.  The victim’s bag contained just 220 baht and Thai passport.

After the police arrested the suspect, people living nearby came out and beat him unconscious.

Currently, the suspect is at the provincial military police force to prepare a case file to the court.

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