Migrant Workers Caught Hopping Border

Police stopped a car near the Thai border that intended to illegally ship cross-border laborers in Battambang.

A black Lexus 300 black plates, 2AG 3961 was seized, with 7 laborers:

1. Mrs. Sourhour, female, 49,

2. Female no name, age 24,

3. Hem Houn, female, 21 years old,

4. Sok Heang female, 23,

5. Am Eang, male, 21 years old,

6. Chak Bora, male, 25 years

7. Itsaradamgeng Sanit, Thai male 42 years old.

The seven signed a contract agreeing not to try to cross the border without documents again, and returned to their homeland. SOURCE

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