Kampot Beach Project

Boeung Touk commune, Tek Chhou district, will have a new beach set up for tourists to enjoy the day before Kampot hosts the Sea Festival. This beach is important not only to attract tourists, but also to support the daily life and provide job opportunities to the general population.

Kampot province attracted nearly two million tourists in 2018. But the coastal province has not got a beach for swimming, so in early 2019, the provincial administration, with support from the Ministry of Tourism, has begun to develop a beautiful beach area, including a supermarket a five-star hotel. 

The general public and local fishermen have reportedly expressed their deepest gratitude for the development because, once the beach is ready, they will have better opportunities.

Manager of the coastal development project Kong Samnang said that with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, he has received land and sand for the development of the beach.

Covering an area of ​​200 hectares, in principle, the new beach will be completed before the Sea Festival. According to the long term plans there will be high-rise buildings, five star hotel, a harbor, a seafood market, and other amenities.

Commune chief Ms. Mok Sokom expressed her pleasure when seeing the development of this beach, and the general public, fishermen and community are satisfied and fully support the project.


*If the source is correct, the project will be around Kep Thmey, as seen on the map:

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