Bangers Banned Over Lunar Festival

Phnom Penh: Chinese New Year will take place from February 4 to 6, 2019 The Capital Hall administration has prohibited the lighting of fireworks and all kinds of explosives. The rules apply to marriages, religious or other unauthorized traditions.

In January 29, Phnom Penh Capital Hall notices advised the Departments, Sangkats, Private Companies, Non-Governmental Organizations and the public on 7 rules:

1. There must be no use of fireworks during the festival. Gambling is also prohibited.

2. All entertainment venues, factories, businesses and private homes must maintain security, safety, public order, dignity, and be careful in the burning of candles, incense and other items which may cause fire. Burning of paper must be done in metal containers or clay to burn completely and should not be lit on public roads or streets.

3. From now on, the authorities at all levels must take strict measures to prevent the import of all kinds of fireworks and explosive devices into Phnom Penh and must confiscate any such items already on sale in Phnom Penh.

4- All units, districts and Sangkats shall advise civil servants, employees, subordinates and local people in order to comply with these guidelines effectively. 

5- The Department of Cult and Religion of Phnom Penh shall invite Chinese and Vietnamese associations to widely disseminate the above contents.

6- Phnom Penh Police Commissariat, Phnom Penh Military Police and Phnom Penh Military Command and Military Special Branch must issue strict orders to force their forces to be effective.

7) Any person who violates this guideline or commits a crime causing social unrest, order security, safety and public order shall be punished according to the law in force.

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