Cambodian Spud Success

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Mondulkiri, in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture of Dangkor, have been experimenting with three years with potato crops in Sen Monorom City, Mondul Kiri Province.

45 students from the Faculty of Agriculty and Agriculture, led by His Excellency Ngo Bunthan, Rector of Royal University of Agriculture, and Prof. Hong Hong, Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Dangkor, and HE Svay Sam Eang of Mondulkiri Province have harvested potatoes in Mondulkiri province in late January 2019.

Prof. Hong Hong, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, said that the purpose of the research was to show students that potatoes could be grown in Cambodia, and demonstrates the value and capital entrusted to the cultivation of the crop yields compared to others.

He added that this year, there are six varieties of cassava potatoes harvested and the third annual experiment that has yielded good results, although incomparable to some countries, especially those in Europe.

Song Kheang, director of Mondolkiri’s Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, confirmed that this is the third year that the Department of Agriculture cooperated with the Faculty of Agriculture to study the crop in Mondulkiri. He expects future results to improve and can determine a suitable species to be grown and adapted to the climate of Cambodia.

He hoped next year the cultivation techniques will be distributed to farmers who are interested, especially in the promotion of varieties.

Ngor Bunthen, Rector of the Royal University of Agriculture, added that the Royal University of Agriculture’s mandate was to train senior bachelor of agriculture students, in addition to discovery, research and experimenting with potatoes which can be grown in the province.

It is hoped the final goal can be achieved soon, and that Khmer spuds may soon be a profitable crop. SOURCE

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