An 11 Year Old Confesses to Murder of Handicapped Boy, 6

By James McCabe, CPU

Task Force ALPHA19 arrest 11 year old in Kompong Cham. Homicide #2 / 2019

I know I have stated before that we have dealt with some horrific homicides and I truly believed our small homicide unit had dealt with the worst there possibly could be. HOWEVER I was wrong.

On the 24th of Jan 19, at about 11am the 6 year old male victim was playing out the front of his impoverished home in Kompong Cham province while the child’s grandmother went to a nearby wat. The child’s grandmother returned at about 12.15 and could not find her grandson.

Police were called and a search of the area was conducted without success.

Searches were continued on the 25th of Jan and the child’s wheel chair was located in bushland approximately 50m from his home. At about 12.30 on the same day family members and police located the body of the little boy hanging from a tree.

Kompong Cham Police Command, Crime Scene Units and CPU were notified. An examination of the child revealed multiple injuries consistent with having been dragged a considerable distance. The child’s body was located approximately 250m from his home.

I will not detail the injuries or the method of hanging as it is beyond words. The child could not walk yet was found hanged approx 2m off the ground.

I am restrained by law in regards to releasing further details however after exhaustive enquiries JTF members arrested an 11yr old male on the 28th of Jan, who has since made a detailed confession to the crime.

I am truly beyond words. I just wish to thank all involved, Kompong Cham Police Command and JTF members your strength and resolve is incredible.

RIP little one No one deserved what you must have endured.

Child Protection Unit

Note that this is the second child on child murder this month. A 10 year old in Kampong Chhnang confessed to killing a young neighbour on January 10.

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