China and Cambodia to Cooperate on Crime- Ambassador

Phnom Penh: After a number of offenses involving Chinese people who came to work and also invest in Cambodia, the Chinese ambassador to Cambodia said that in 2019 both sides will strengthen their cooperation To take legal action and not let criminals escape.

Wang Wentian, Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia, confirmed to the media that to provide a good atmosphere with security and order, which benefits the two countries, law-enforcement agencies will enhance cooperation on Chinese criminals living in the country.

“We regard 2019 as a year of enforcement cooperation to further attack the perpetrators,” he said. “We will collaborate to crack down on some of the activities, especially online gambling, counterfeit cigarette, kidnapping, online fraud and other crimes caused by the Chinese. “

Regarding the implementation of this law, the ambassador reminded the perpetrators that “the two sides will cooperate in taking action against crimes, and Cambodia has a rule of law, so both parties will cooperate fully”

“We have a cohesive collaboration to take action on online gambling offenses,” he added. “Internet, human trafficking, national security and terrorism, the two sides have cooperated well, and now the law enforcement agencies of the two countries also learned more to prepare for action plans in implementing the law, and the two sides will cooperate better in the new level. “

Regarding the appearance of some fake news, especially on Facebook, the diplomat said that the embassy is now focusing on the information.

The ambassador believes that the media in Cambodia will disseminate far-reaching information to avoid any misunderstandings.

 At the same time, he called on all media to find out if any information is true or false, and should call the Chinese Embassy and officials. The Embassy will provide specific information. Rasmei News

One thought on “China and Cambodia to Cooperate on Crime- Ambassador

  • March 13, 2019 at 9:07 am

    Now they need an ambassador to control the volume and the thoroughly uncouth and disrespectful behaviour of Chinese tourists.


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