Dialysis in Cambodia

Phen Chenda, 29, suffered from kidney failure about two years ago. Since then, she has had to have dialysis twice a week, as kidney transplants are only available to the very wealthy.

In Cambodia, there is still no surgical kidney transplant, so Chenda must have her blood ‘cleaned’ of toxins through a special hemodialysis machine.

 There are few centers for this treatment, and the number of kidney specialists are still relatively small. As a result, Peng Chenda has to spend more on traveling from Takeo to Phnom Penh. 

Recently, she posted on her Facebook account Phen Chenda“My name, Phen Chanda, 29, a native of Sa So, Ta Nhan commune, Tram Kok district, Takeo province. Today, I have had a kidney failure for more than two years. But now I can not afford kidney transplants or medical treatment because the cost of treating it is expensive (about $ 500 to $ 600 per month) and the family is out of reach because my mother is blind. Treatment of the disease I had to do a cleanse (twice a week) and I have to pay 50 dollars, excluding drug costs and other reviews. That’s why, please do not hesitate to send me home and abroad, please continue to help me. Every brother’s help is giving me life. Finally, if anyone wants to help me, please contact 070 595939 “.


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