Minibus Smash in SHK

Sihanoukville: An  accident occurred between a KING LONG car driven by the Khmer male from Sihanoukville and another vehicle.

Five passengers were badly injured in the crash between the minibus and an unknown vehicle which fled the scene.

The accident happened about 5 am on 23 January 2019. 

1. Mr. Kong Long Heng, driver of KING LONG car was seriously injured.

 2. Huu Tung, a male 37-year-old Chinese resident suffered minor injuries. 

3. Hin Srey Pich, Female, 29 years old, injured. 

4. Hang Chanth Chamroeun Female, 25.

5. Saing Saroeun Female, 29.

 6. And one other passenger, who has not yet been identified, was seriously injured. 

The police sent the injured to a private hospital. Evidence from the scene was taken to the police station.

Warning- graphic images:

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