Kun Khmer Fighter Ren Saroth Ready for Return

Regarded as one of Cambodia’s finest mixed martial artists, ONE Championship star Ren Saroth has time and time again found ways to reinvent himself and take his skill set to the next level.

Coming from an extensive Kun Khmer background, the Cambodian Top Team (CTT) athlete finally feels he has turned a corner in his development as a full-blown mixed martial artist, and he is ready to display his improvement on the global stage.

Under the guidance of Yorky MMA leader Nicholas “JJ” Lee and CTT, both Ren Saroth and his head trainer Hun Chan Reach feel a significant change has taken place.

“Since his last fight, he has just become a whole different fighter and a different athlete,” Chan Reach explains. 

“He moves, fights, and thinks differently now. He has a whole different set of weapons than before. You can finally say that his mind is made for MMA now.”


Going 1-1 in his last two bouts, Saroth understands he needs to keep up his winning ways, which have seen him finish two sturdy opponents in the ONE cage.

Inspired by a tremendous buzz for Cambodia’s martial arts scene in 2019, the CTT product wants to get up on the global stage and lead by example.

With his teammates Nou Srey Pov and Lao Chetra making their promotional debuts on Saturday, 16 February at ONE: CLASH OF LEGENDS in Bangkok, Thailand, he is even hungrier to make his return.

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“The biggest motivational factor is that I want to go fight abroad as I did in 2018,” Saroth says.

“I’m changing the way I train to become a stronger and better fighter. I’m focusing on training with my coach and my team to improve everything, especially my grappling.” 

Not only does Saroth want to return to competition, but he is also willing to go the extra mile to prove to ONE and his fans that he is a different competitor.

The CTT product has his eyes set on ONE: REIGN OF VALOR, which is scheduled for Friday, 8 March in Yangon, Myanmar.

He wants to feature on the card so badly, he does not care if he has to move up a division.

“We feel Ren is ready. That is why we are willing to jump up a weight class,” Chan Reach says.

Although this situation will unfold in the days, and weeks ahead, one thing is clear — Saroth is ready to resume his mixed martial arts career and make an impact.

“I want to compete as soon as possible because I’ve been training hard for quite some time already,” states Saroth. “I’m ready!”

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