Life on the Dump

Phnom Penh: Many older men and women scavenge on the garbage dump. Some children give up their studies, to help their parents to scratch a livelihood.

Having met a 12-year-old boy, he said he was willing to help his parents to get a family income.

But according to a middle-aged man who is staying near the Dangkao garbage dump with his family, no matter the night or the day, he must come to the rubbish pile and search for the scrap because of his poverty.

He added that the scrap dumped by Cintri took time to browse through, regardless of whether it was day or night.

He said he was no different from other people, and is well aware of the health effects of the body. For his efforts he can earn 20,000 Riels ($5) down as little as 2,500 (62 cents) per day.

A slightly older woman said she had no other choice but to carry scrap because she had no other work. She also knows that collecting garbage scrap to recycle is harmful to health, but must support her family.

Photos: Rasmei News

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