Dams Blamed For Unseasonable Flooding

Kratie province: A dry season flood, said to be unprecedented, began to recede on the evening of January 20.

This sudden high water is not believed to be a natural phenomenon, but due to the flow of water from hydropower dams on the upper part of the Mekong River.

The flooding in dry season has shocked the people living on the Mekong River.

People say up to January 21, the water continues to rise, but not as much as it was two days ago.

Meanwhile, residents of Kampi village, Sambok commune, Chey Borei district, hundreds of families each year earn income from tourism sites and resorts along the river.

They worry about their incomes this year as the resort faces this strange phenomenon. They call on the authorities to provide clear notices both before and after the floodwaters come, so precautions can be taken. 

They are concerned that if the river continues to flood this way, the Kampi resort will not be able to welcome visitors.


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