Fake Condiment Factory Busted

Phnom Penh: Currently, some companies and factories are increasing the production of counterfeit products. Poor standards cause health problems to the lives of Khmer citizens. A medium-sized factory manufacturing ingredients, owned by a Chinese company, with 5 Chinese staff was raided after information of illegal production.

The crackdown occurred at about 1 pm on January 18, 2019, at the factory, located near Phnom Penh International Airport.

As a result of the inspection, up to 40 fake food products were found, including soy sauce, oil, chicken soup, chicken soup powder, vinegar, salted water, as well as juice, fish sauce, etc.

Also, while the cops were investigating, the Chinese factory owners called for help from a powerful person.

After the inspection, the prosecutor ordered to temporarily suspend the production and closed the factory.

Six Chinese workers and four Cambodians were questioned at the police station.

Currently, anti-piracy professionals are preparing a file for court proceedings. https://kbn.news/archives/114662

*Edit, earlier reports said that a 3 star general came to help, but later updates say this was just to aid in translation.

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