Killiney Kopitaim Opens in PP

Phnom Penh: A renowned cafe originating in Singapore, Killiney Kopitiam opened its first branch in Cambodia on January 17, 2019, located on the ground floor of the Hotel Lumière. The café first opened in Singapore in 1919, and now has branches across the Asia-Pacific region.

Woon Tek Seng, director of Killiney International and founder of the Killiney Kopitiam brand, said, ” It’s an honor and a pleasure to have a new branch under the trademark I established, which has more 100 branches in 6 countries. There will be many more in the coming years. “

He added that if he had a lot of support and success, he would expand his presence in Phnom Penh and other major provinces, such as Sihanoukville, Siem Reap, etc. “Killiney Kopitiam” has created many more products and dishes for its customers.

Kim Rithy, Kandal province’s deputy governor, who presided over the launch of the Khiliny Cafe, said: “Singapore’s famous coffee brand  is a testament to the good relationship between Cambodia and foreign investors, as well as the confidence of investors. He added that Cambodia welcomed Singaporean businessmen who came to invest in the popular coffee sector. Rasmei News

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