Amazon’s Angkor Loo Seats Upset Cambodian Ministry

Phnom Penh: Cambodian Culture and Fine Arts Minister Pheoung Sackona said that the Ministry of Culture will send a strongly worded letter to Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer after cultural icon Angkor Wat was featured on toilet seats and splash mats for sale on the site.

According to Fresh News, Amazon has sparked criticism across Facebook from Cambodians, who feel having images of the World Heritage Site and the revered KIng Jayavarman VII in the smallest room is somewhat disrespectful.

The website also strongly condemned Amazon for such an insulting act against the Khmer nation.

In Cambodia, the images are used on everything from the national flag, beer and cigarette packaging to regular tourist items, such as toenail clippers, plastic cigarette lighters and ashtrays.

Whether Amazon will respond, and if these items will be withdrawn is not yet known. They could even, in original packaging, become highly sought after collectors items in a future antiques market.

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