Chinese Arrested Over Fake Cigarette Racket

Kandal Province: Anti-economic crime police, with assistance from Chinese authorities arrested 10 Chinese at the Monorom guesthouse, Tith Hour Guesthouse located in Ta Kha Village, Ta Bang, and Chea Samnang Guesthouse located in Takhmao City, Kandal Province. 

The suspects are currently being questioned at the Kandal provincial police commission.

Chinese police cooperated with the General Department of Immigration Department and the Ministry of Interior to investigate an illegal cigarette smuggling operation.

A warehouse used to produce and store counterfeit cigarettes was raided on the afternoon of January 15, 2019 in Prek Samrong Village and Ta Khmao Village, Ta Khmao City. Kandal Province.

Authorities have been investigating the targets for almost a month, with suspects being a from a known criminal group of fraudsters hiding in Cambodia 

After checking the scene, experts discovered cigarette-generating machines and packaging. Those believed to be involved were later arrested.

The factory has been closed down and both Chinese and Cambodian police are working on the case.

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