New Trains Getting Ready to Roll

Phnom Penh: On January 9, 2019, Cambodia welcomed the arrival of three luxury trains, ordered by Royal Railway Cambodia from Mexico, to be used to transport passengers from Phnom Penh Railway Station to Phnom Penh International Airport.

Because these trains are more modern than the ones currently in use, it takes only 25 minutes from Phnom Penh Train Station to Phnom Penh International Airport.

Furthermore, HE Sun Chanthol also checked the new trains and reviews are underway to check the technical compliance requirements before they roll out.

The three luxury trains have the following specifications:

Accommodate up to 56 people (per carriage?)
with air conditioning 
wide seats 
equipped with Wi-Fi system 
special quick stop brakes
speed of 80-90 km / h 
automatic doors and stairs
non-slip tilt management system 
Operation can be controlled from front and rear
12 TVs per carriage

Please note that for more information on the new train departures will be posted on the Official Facebook page of Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

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