Lost in Translation- Chinese Domestic Causes Damage and Confusion

Phnom Penh: A Chinese woman called for a Pass App at 4.05 am
on Tuesday, January 15, 2019, on Street 164, next to 169. the tuk tuk had traveled only around 50 meters when it was rammed by a Chinese man in a Prius.

According to a report, the owner of the tuk-tuk said the car hit his ride for no apparent reason, and then the driver got out and shouted at the Chinese woman, who argued back.

The owner said the driver got back in the car and rammed the tuk-tuk again with the woman still inside. Locals, alerted by the screaming in Chinese, contacted police.

When local police came to the scene, they contacted the cops from 7 Makara district to inspect the car and the tuk-tuk. The Chinese man telephoned friends and two more Chinese men arrived on motorbikes.

A translator was then called and it was agreed that the driver would pay $ 70 to the tuk tuk owner to repair the minor damage caused. 

After the payment, the Chinese woman did not want go with the three Chinese, and sat in the tuk-tuk, arguing for nearly 20 minutes until two of the Chinese left.

A crowd watched in bemusement as the couple argued. Finally the woman got in the car and the couple left.

As there was no translator, nobody knew what the whole kerfuffle was about.


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