Prankster Gives Angkor Statues a Makeover

SIEM REAP: Some merry pranksters gave two statues of Jayavarman and the Buddha a makeover at Angkor Thom.

Angkor Authority have been criticized by some for letting this happen, to which they replied that being everywhere at all times across the 400 square kilometer park was impossible, although a local guard is reported to have been reprimanded for failing in his duty.

The culprit remains unknown, and authorities admit they will probably remain so unless they are caught repeating the joke.

Long Kosal, spokesperson for the Apsara Authority, said he did not know what the motives were. He also suggested the vandal may not know about the cultural traditions at the temple. He added that this is not a serious matter, as the make up was easily washed off, but staff will be more vigilant in the future to prevent similar incidents.


Usually in the area of ​​such a world heritage, there is always a restraining authority, if abnormal activity occurs, and No artificial objects or activities will be banned.

Also, national and international tourists who visit the Siem Reap area always visit Throughout the temples in the Angkor site, criticized the Apsara Authority for the whole statue, making the people come together. Arbitrary.

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