Khmer Knicker Nicker Nabbed

Thailand: A Thai man living in a block of flats called KK in Sri Racha was curious when his wife’s smalls went missing a while back. 

So Charin Ong-sem from Petchaburi made it his mission to keep a close watch for anyone behaving suspiciously. He was sure a thief was at work and they’d be back. 

On Sunday he got a break in the case with the arrival of a likely suspect on a Honda Scoopy-i with no plates. 

The man was not a resident of the flats and was looking suspicious as he went behind the dwellings and started peering in. Charin kept a close watch before moving in. 


He made a citizen’s arrest and found a whole stack of evidence in the form of bras and panties under the bike seat of Cambodian national Sor Miang, aged about 25. 

The red-handed and red-faced Sor looked quite a sight next to his red Honda as Charin called the Laem Chabang constabulary for back-up. 

The cops came and took the Cambodian away – but not before Charin did some admirable pointing at the scene of the knicker nicking. 

Sor Miang might have found it difficult to point as it looked as though he had already been cuffed.

The cops believe the items under the bike seat had been stolen from elsewhere.

The thief appears to have said nothing as he was not quoted in the Daily News story. 

They just described him helpfully as a foreign pervert. 

Translation: Thai Visa

Source: Daily News

2 thoughts on “Khmer Knicker Nicker Nabbed

  • January 14, 2019 at 7:18 pm

    Vigil for panties. Vigilpanty justice.

  • January 17, 2019 at 4:40 pm

    Apparently when he was arrested the police said anything you say can be taken down and used against you and he just said “knickers!”


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