Srey S’art Takes Out 5 on Riverside

Phnom Penh: A woman in a Prius crashed into several vehicles at 8.45 pm on January 11, 2019, along Preah Sisowath Quay, Wat Phnom, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh. .

The damaged vehicles included three motorbikes, a tuk-tuk, and a RX300 along with another, non-described, vehicle.

Before the incident, the motorbikes, tuk-tuks, and vehicle were stopped on the side of the road.  The accident occurred when the female driver crashed her car into them, causing damage but no human injuries. 

According to the woman who was driving the car, she lost control when she answered her phone.

The woman tried to coordinate with all parties to pay damages. The tuk-tuk owner accepted $300 as settlement, and the owner of the motorbike accepted $100 to end their involvement in the matter.

The remaining owners of the two motorbikes and the other car owner demanded a higher price, so the vehicles were removed to the Traffic Police Office in order to resolve the matter at a later date.

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