New Water Management in Kam Cham, SHK, BTB and SR

Asian Development Bank has appointed Ramboll to carry out a major water and sanitation project in Cambodia.

The project covers three towns and the UNESCO Heritage city of Angkor Wat.

Ramboll Water is tasked with providing management support and advice to the Cambodian Ministry of Public Works & Transport, which is responsible for managing and implementing the projects.

Work includes a new wastewater treatment plant and new sewers in Battambang, a management system in Kampong Cham, expansion of the existing wastewater treatment system in Sihanoukville and a new trunk sewer in Siem Reap.

ADB said that currently only 42.2% of Cambodia’s urban population outside Phnom Penh have access to a piped water supply and only 10.7% have access to sewerage and wastewater treatment.

The new facilities are expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

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