Upset Man Pays $57k for Unconsummated Marriage

Phnom Penh:  A man spent US $ 57,000 on a wedding dowry, and allowed his wife to return to Australia, where she is a resident. It didn’t turn out well.

According to the husband, he and his wife knew each other for more than three months. In November 2018, both families agreed to a dowry price of $57,000 which was to also pay for the legal marriage.

When the wife returned for the marriage on January 3, she refused to stay in her new husband’s house, instead, she slept in a hotel.

After days of married life spent alone, they 27 year old hapless groom was informed that his 20 year old Khmer-Australian wife intended to leave for Australia at 5 am on the 9th.

Secretly he filed a complaint at the commune office for the authorities to intervene.  He also went to the hotel where his wife was staying and saw a woman preparing suitcases for her to sneak out later that night.

At 11.40 8th January, authorities intervened at the Plaza Hote, Ratanak Shopping Center, Sangkat Tek Thla, Khan Sen Sok.

After the incident, both sides went to the Police Station for the police to handle the case, with the groom demanding his money back.

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