St. Petersburg couple died in Cambodia under mysterious circumstances

The bodies of tourists were found in a house, which they rented; no personal belongings or documents of the couple were found there. The cause of death is still unknown.

On January 4, the corpses of two Russian tourists – 69-year-old Lilia Pospelova and 64-year-old Viktor Kharlamov – were found in the kingdom of Cambodia. They were identified by a Russian citizen who had previously rented apartments to travellers. The St. Petersburg residents did not have any personal belongings or documents with them.

According to data from social networks, the couple went abroad some time ago to spend the winter in low-cost Southeast Asia. According to the brother of deceased Lilia Pospelova, they flew on one-way tickets.

The cause of death is still unknown. It is reported that different versions are being considered. The conclusions range from unintentional poisoning, perhaps suicide, or possible street crime.

Several years ago, after the financial crisis, the spouses became bankrupt. As the dollar took off, the currency mortgage they had in reserve became nothing. Before leaving, they took out more loans, after which the collectors began to demand payments from relatives.

The brother of the deceased told that on the day of Lilia’s death Viktor told his father that the couple had run out of money. On January 2, the following message was sent to the Mother’s telephone: “Lilia left. I sit beside her. I did not call the police. I will be next.” No further details were reported.

Evgeny Zabolotny, head of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Cambodia, has already confirmed information about the death of the pair of Russians, notes.

The Russian Embassy in Cambodia did not provide any further information since they do not have official data from the Cambodian police. The reason being that this weekend was a holiday, from January 7 to 9, the country celebrates Victory Day over the Pol Pot regime.

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