Drunk Traffic Cop Flips On Bridge

Phnom Penh: A police officer in an intoxicated state hit a divider and flipped his Highlander.

The incident occurred at 1:00 am on 8th January 2019 along Mony Reth Street, Stung Meanchey Bridge, Stung Meanchey 1, Khan Meanchey, Phnom Penh.

According to the source, at the time of the incident, a man known as a Traffic Police Officer of Dangkor District drove the car in a state of drunkennes. The car clipped a concrete divider, causing it to over turn and skid along the bridge on it’s roof.

The car owner pulled himself out of the car and was immediately taken by a private clinic.

After the incident, local authorities arrived at the scene and contacted the traffic force to wait for further legal action. https://www.postnews.com.kh/local/402578

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