Chinese Man Describes SHK Kidnap Ordeal

*This story was sent to us by “Jane” CNE Chinese correspondent. It hasn’t yet hit the Chinese language press, but has gone viral on WeChat among the Chinese community in Cambodia. CNE exclusive, although the accuracy cannot be verified at this time:

Chinese compatriots, kidnapping their own Chinese! Still have a face? Westport (Sihanoukville) kidnappings are occurring frequently…

Last night, the method crimes committed was very professional, and the level of fierceness was like Hong Kong before liberation!

At 21:40 on January 7th, 2019, the Xigang China Supermarket – Furong Xingsheng Second Branch received a delivery call.

The gangster said that cigarettes and a few bottles of beverages were required to be delivered. The Chinese supermarket owner promised to deliver the goods.

When out, the customer called again, changing the place for delivery two or three times. At that time, the supermarket owner did not think much, and he followed the request of the gangster.

The last place was a dark place next to Kaibo City. The following is a statement by Mr. Wu.

“My son answered the phone at 10:00 in the evening and asked for cigarettes, red bull, and poker (?). After collected the goods, I took them to the No.1 building. They said that I would be paid by WeChat.

I went to where they were waiting in a car to scan the WeChat code, when I was pushed inside. They drove off and sealed my mouth with tape.

They took me about 150 kilometers away on Road 4. They beat me, punched and kicked and asked my son for $500,00, then agreed to take $20,000 US dollars. They showed an open grave that had already been dug.

After I got the money (through WeChat), I was left near the airport (Phnom Penh). It was already around three o’clock. I groped around for a long time before I went to the airport departure hall, where I asked other Chinese people for help.

A car took me back to the supermarket”

According to the victim, the gangsters are very professional, carrying special tools to hit people and are not afraid to use violence.

The kidnappers used the number 0962264472 to organize the crime.

It is hoped that the good people provide clues, in case the police handle the case. Please contact Wu Xiayang: 088 759 8668

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