Foreign Man Dead After Aeon Mall Fall

Phnom Penh: A man fell from the fourth floor of AEON Mall at 10:40 pm on Sunday, January 6, 2019.

The unidentified man is reported by some outlets to be either Malaysian or Chinese, some reports say in his 20’s, others over 30, and was not an employee at the mall.

According to eyewitnesses, at the time of the incident, a man was knocked down from the fourth floor of the mall. Witnesses said he was bleeding from the head and reported the incident to security guards.

Shortly after, a local police officer came to the scene, but the security firm AEON did not allow reporters to take pictures.

An ambulance (unknown from which clinic or hospital) arrived at the scene to take the body away.

Also, the police are also appealing to those who may know the identity of the victim to contact police.

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