Storm Damages Property and Boats in SHK and Islands

SHK : A report from officials and residents said on the morning of 5 January 2018, rough seas had damaged businesses.

District 3 Sihanouk officials said that some residents’ houses along the coast were destroyed by waves from Typhoon Pabuk. Locals are helping people in the area.

There were also reports from Koh Rong that at least six fishing boats had sunk at a dock on the island. However, there were no casualties as of noon today.


Koh Kong:  In the morning of January 5, 2019, the seafront has been hit by a strong wind, forming waves, attacking shops and homes of traders and residents of Bac Titei Beach in Mondul Seima District, Koh Kong Province. Resolved in front of people and businesses, authorities are evacuated to temporary safe places waiting for the situation. Returned to the original.
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