10 Foreigners Deported

Phnom Penh: 10 detained foreigners have been deported from the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The expulsion took place on 5 January 2019, and the expelled foreigners of 4 nationalities have been sent back their homelands, according to the Ministry of Interior’s announcement. .

Two Americans, a Russian and a Turkish citizen were expelled for illegal residence(without a passport and a visa). 

Six Chinese nationals detained on December 25, 2018, for internet sex offenses in China were handed over to Chinese authorities for acceptance. http://tdnewsasia.com/archives/47170?fbclid=IwAR38QVXsX9SUbKcI80FBGmf74ICi86Nl8iCbHPDtBe1j_TiASKVhLzheXoU

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