Reported Deaths of Foreign Nationals 2018

According to an unofficial report, at least 188 foreigners from 36 countries died in Cambodia during 2018.

Chinese nationals had the most fatal incidents, with at least 27 deaths reported. The USA had 24 and 13 citizens of both the UK and Germany died.

The report, taken from local media sources over 2018 says a total of 177 men and 11 women passed away.

Health issues were given as the main cause of death, with 70 attributed to heart attacks, diabetes and cancer. There were also 24 cases of suicide, 13 drug overdoses, 11 involved in fatal traffic accidents and 9 murders.

Phnom Penh saw the highest number of foreigner deaths, with 57 reported. Siem Reap had 27, Poipet and Sihanoukville 17 each and Kampot 15.

The average age was 49 years old.

However, some deaths may not have been reported in media, and some nationalities, such as Vietnamese may not have been added, due to questions of national status.

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