Kampot Farmer Works on Drone Technology

Vuach Chhouk is studying his new drone project at the Don Bosco Technical School in Kep. 

They want to write coding code to control the device by a smartphone. He claims he has yet to find a new way, but by studying and processing his own Drone device allows him to better understand the technology that’s been integrated and used. 

In addition, the young man believes he will be able to find something new from the drones that exist today.

Vuach Chhouk, from a farming family in Kampot province’s Dangkor district, is a fourth generation student at the Don Bosco Technical School in Kep. Today, he is a teacher at the upper secondary school and is pursuing his studies in Phnom Penh on electromagnetic fields.

Although he has not yet been able to complete his drone project, he is currently working hard to make the most of the technology. He expects his work will achieve success.


Text and image: Chhanthara

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