Drunk Audi Driver Naps and Wrecks Clam Stand

Phnom Penh: A man driving a luxury Audi in a drunken state fell unconscious, hit a motorbike and a clam seller at 9.30 pm on January 2.

The incident occurred along Monivong Boulevard in Meanchey District.
The drunk man who remains unidentified.

Witnesses said that before the incident, the car was seen driving along Route 271 at a fast speed.

As the car slowed down, a man said he saw the driver sleeping in the car. People tried to wake the man by chasing the car a banging the door, but the man remained unconscious.

The car, still moving slowly headed towards some vendors, who escaped in panic. Everyone tried to stop the car, but could not, and it went crashinginto a motorcycle and a table of clams, causing damage.

After the incident, the victim negotiated with the recently woken up driver, who agreed to pay $ 800 for the motorbike and another $ 400to the clam seller.


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