8 Year Old Climbs Cambodia’s Highest Peak

Kompong Speu: An 8-year-old boy Chim Boui has accomplished his dream of climbing the highest mountains in Cambodia, Mount Aoral.

According to a local website on Dec. 26, Buoi and his sister, Chim Kim Sei, 11, along other children and guides spent two days trekking to reach the summit.

They are the children of Mr. Tornin Chhim, who more than 10 years experience of working on the mountain. To reach 1,813-meter-high mountain peak is a dream come true for a collective boy both children and other youths living in Srekor 1 Village, Aoral District, Kampong Speu Province.

“Despite being difficult and exhausting, I continued to struggle until I succeeded.” This is the assertion of a boy band that reveals that he wants to be an mountain guide as well.

At the same time, Mr. Chenhis father said that there were concerns , especially as they were young, the jungle can be scary, lethargy and leg cramps due to hiking. It’s not as easy as walking on a flat road.

Concerning the wish of a child who wanted to start a career as a tourist guide, he did not object.

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