Breaking news! 5 Suspects in Custody, Two Thai Women Set Free

Preah Vihear: Five suspects were arrested by Police in Preah Vihear province on charges of extortion regarding two Thai women. The arrests of the five suspects took place in the morning of December 25, 2018, in Srah Am Village, Snam Am Commune, Chorm Ksan District,Preah Vihear Province.

Maj Gen Yin Chamnan, Preah Vihear Provincial Police Chief, confirmed the detention of the five suspected extortionists under the guidance of General National Police Commander Neth Savoeun and General Chai Sinarith, Deputy Chief of Staff The National Police receives security plans.

The victims described the incident, stating that on December 23, 2018, the two Thai victims traveled by plane from Bangkok to the Siem Reap airport. After the women deplaned, three waiting tuk-tuks transported the women from the airport, with a car waiting for them in Chak Ksan district, Preah Vihear province.

The five suspects later forced the two Thai women to contact their families in Thailand requesting money transfers in exchange for the release. After the two Thai women notified their families, they also sent photos to show proof of life and the urgency of the situation. The victims’ families immediately contacted the Thai embassy in Cambodia and the Thai embassy has filed a complaint with the National Police Commissioner.

Gen. Yin Chamnan added that after receiving instructions from the National Police Commissariat, about 40 provincial police forces cooperated with the Police Force of the Internal Security Department to reach the site and encircled the location. During the night the authorities successfully defeated the five suspected extortionists and seized other material that have relevance to the case. The Thai women were safely freed from their captors.

Currently, the five suspects, along with nearly 3 kilograms of drugs, an AK rifle, 30 bullets, cars, motorcycles, and military uniforms. The Thai women, have all been sent to Phnom Penh for further legal action.

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