7/15 Arrested Kidnappers Go To Court

Phnom Penh: Seven of the 15 Chinese nationals arrested for illegal confinement and extortion were charged by Phnom Penh Municipal Court on the morning of December 26.

Suspect 1 – WANG LONG male 30 years old 2 -YU HAO male 20 years old 3- PENG CHONG male 30 years old 4-Chhet Lee Ming-si-fang, male, 30 years old 5- Mr Ou-roi, 19, 6-ZHOU YUAN, 31-year-old male and 7-DENG CHOAN QIANG male, 30 years old.

A source of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court said that victim HAN XIAO FEI, a Chinese man was forced into a car at the front of Phnom Penh International Airport and then held captive by the suspects at an address near Camko City.

The suspects allegedly attempted to extort $ 6,000 from the family of the victim to release him.

On Dec. 23, the family of the victims went to the police for help. The same afternoon, the force of the Ministry of Interior’s Criminal Police Department arrested the suspects when the victim’s family went with the money. The victim was then frees.

After the release, the victim reportedly said that on December 31, 2018 he had borrowed money WANG ZIHIO, and at 8:30 pm on the evening of December 22, went to meet him near the Phnom Penh International Airport to pay him. The suspects then demanded more money and bundled him into their car.

15 Chinese nationals were initially arrested, but only seven people who were involved in the crime have gone to court. The others have been let go. https://kohsantepheapdaily.com.kh/article/755475.html

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