6 Viets Imprison 6 Other Viets

Svay Rieng province: On December 25, 2018, in Bavet town, six Vietnamese suspects were arrested after accusations that they were involved in an attempt to illegal confine 6 other Vietnamese in order to extort 163 million VND.

Detained suspects are:

1 / Vien Van Cuan, 28, Vietnamese, who is a farmer living in Thon Kah ham village, Khanh Hoa district, Khai Chau district, Hue Nhan district, Vietnam.

2 / Fang, 28, a Vietnamese resident worker living in Hoa Zau Nien village, Fong Hong commune, Fauhou district. Vung Tau Province, Vietnam.

3 / Nguyen Van Nien, 28, a Vietnamese resident worker living in An Vy village, An Phu commune, Fauch district, HueNhien province, Vietnam.

4 / Chau Tung, 31 years old, Vietnamese living in Dong Tien village, Dong Tien commune, Fai Chau district, Henan province.

5 / Choeng Kitchige, a 17-year-old Vietnamese male who works at a hairdressers

6/ Nguyen Ngoc Vong, male, 34 years old, living in Hue Nhan district, Vietnam.

According to the source, six victims and were rescued:

1 Tin Phuoc, male, 42 years old, Vietnamese.

2. Phoeoe Vang Teak, male, 27 years old, Vietnamese

3 Ngoc Khang, male, 31 years old, Vietnamese.

4 Nguyen Thi Hieng, 33 years old, Vietnamese.

5 / Nguyen Thi Phung, female, 46 years old, Vietnamese.

6 / Le Van Phong, male, 26 years old, Vietnamese.

The owner of the house, named Virachey Sivutha, a 42-year-old male from Bavet town, reported the case to police.

After receiving information, authorities arrived at the scene and detained the suspects. http://www.arey-news.com/archives/281373

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