Kong Sambo to Bring Kun Khmer Style to MMA Event

Cambodia’s Kong Sambo is ready to make an impact in ONE Super Series this year.

The 24-year-old began his martial arts journey as a young boy, watching some of the country’s most talented competitors on the television and admiring their talent and strength. 

Now, Sambo will have the opportunity to showcase his talent in front of millions of viewers as he is the latest addition to the world’s largest martial arts organization. 

“I’ve loved boxing from a very young age,” he shares.

“During those times, we had fighters like Eh Phouthong and Thun Sophea competing internationally on TV.

“I really liked watching them compete, and I dreamed about being like them.”

Sambo will be competing in ONE Super Series, which pits the world’s best strikers against each other.

Cambodia has already featured a Cambodian Top Team tale in Sok Thy, and now Sambo will represent the country and look to achieve success in the all-strikers league.

“I want to fight on the international stages so that our Kun Khmer can be well-known like other country’s martial arts,” he says.

“Now that I train at KFG, my coaches have been motivating me to work so much harder, and they’ve also been paying a lot of attention to my daily improvement.

“My coach wants me to win so can make a name for myself and be well-known. He wants me to be proud of myself and be a better fighter than before.”


A proud Kun Khmer practitioner since 2002, Sambo has enjoyed the support from his family, his gym, and his fans. 

In fact, when the news about ONE broke, both the Cambodian and his family were thrilled beyond words.

“I was so happy, I could not say anything,” he recalls.

“My mom started crying when she heard about me fighting internationally.

“My parents have always been big supporters. They have always persuaded me to be a better fighter.”

Even though he has a lot of support, Sambo also finds strength in proving his doubters wrong.

“I want to prove them wrong — those who laughed at me and didn’t believe in me,” he continues.

“They said I would never make it outside of Cambodia, but now that my dream has come true, what are they going to say?”

A date for his debut has not been scheduled yet, however, Sambo is making sure he stays fit and will be ready to take on any opponent the organization deems appropriate. 

“I have been prepared for a month already,” the Kun Khmer specialist says. “I am ready!”

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