CNE Reader Burgled in Toul Kork

CNE have been sent footage of a burglary from a reader. The break-in occurred at a home on St. 608 in Toul Kork.

According to the source, her dog was acting strange around 2 am and began barking at the window. She was not worried as the apartment compound had two internal locks which cannot be opened from outside.

The dog continued barking and the victim checked all the rooms in the house, before going to sleep. Her niece was woken up around 4:40 am and saw a man inside our house. The niece ran back to the bedroom and the thief ran outside and jumped over the roof.

Later, when they checked the scene they found a pair of scissors and a key for the main gate. The victim is certain that they were not her keys, so, somehow the thief had managed to make a copy.

He escaped with a set of speakers and a phone. His face was also briefly caught on CCTV.




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