Bavet Work Docs Clampdown

Svay Rieng: The labor inspectorate team has inspected casinos and other businesses in Bavet and found Chinese passport holders without employment cards, who are thus working illegally. They were then fined in accordance with the law on immigration.

According to Ou Sokhoeun, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Labor and Vocational Training and Permanent Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Ministry of Labor in Svay Rieng, 11,015 foreign workers from 26 nationalities registered for work papers. Most of the people were Chinese.

On December 6th and 7th, 2018, the labor inspectorate visited foreigners who are doing business, working in casinos, hotels, guesthouses and other enterprises.

At one casino, there were 1273 out of 2554 Chinese workers without valid documents.

Bavet has 12 casinos operating in the town.

According to immigration police statistics, nearly 20,000 foreigners came to work in Bavet in 2018, with 11015 employment cards issued, meaning more than 8,000 foreigners are doing business illegally.

The Foreign Labor Inspection Team will continue inspection of foreigners in all 12 casinos in the city until 31 December 2018.

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