Fund Appeal for Chinese Robbery Victim

SHK: In the early morning of December 5, a Chinese woman, Wu Jianxia,  was seriously injured after being attacked in Sihanoukville.

She was sent to a hospital in Phnom Penh for treatment and is still lying in the intensive care unit in a critical condition.

Her husband Mr. Liu is also now in Phnom Penh, but due to the high cost of treatment, and due to air pressure problems, they can not return to China.

According to doctors, they need to stay in Phnom Penh for aboutsix months. The cost of treatment and living expenses will be  big burden for them.

It is hoped the Chinese community in Cambodian can lend a helping hand to help them tide over the difficulties.

Mr. Liu said: “To tell the truth, I would like to take her back to China for treatment. However, because her left skull is ruptured, she has had intracranial hemorrhage and has not yet passed the dangerous period. If the doctor says that the situation is successful, she can be discharged in one month. A little unsuccessful may take two months, and the doctor said that her current situation is not suitable for flying, at least for another half a year in Cambodia. I am not familiar with Cambodian life, I don’t know what to do. ”

Mr. Liu arrived one year ago, and he opened a small massage shop with five or six friends. There were not much savings, and their children at home had just gone to college.

The incident was first wrote off by local police as  as a traffic accident. At 2 am on the 5th of December, Wu Jianxia rode a motorcycle to Independence Hotel to pick up an employee. S

She was attacked at the intersection by an unknown assailant and left with serious head injuries.

The traffic police first said that she was a victim of robbery, then told them that they had closed the case and characterized it as a traffic accident.

Together with  two mobile phones, more than 1,000 US dollars and bags were looted.

Because of the traffic police’s case description, Mr. Liu could not apply for help from the Chinese Relief Fund. If a person is in a foreign country, there is no need to face huge expenses without income. Mr. Liu urges everyone to lend a helping hand to help them through the storm. If you are willing to help, please contact Mr. Liu, contact number: 0968519458.

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