Dutchman Didier Olden Dies in Kampot

Kampot: The owner of a guesthouse found a dead foreign guest on the morning of December 11, 2018, in Room 2 of Kampot Paradise Guest House in San San Village Sarkar, Sangkat Kampong Kandal, Kampot City.

Authorities concluded that the death was caused by heart attack due to respiratory illness.

Police in Kampot province said that the victim was Didier Olden, a 54-year-old Dutch national.

The source said that at 8:50 am on December 11th, the cops received information from the owner of Kampot Paraday Guesthouse.

The autopsy revealed that the death of  was caused by a heart attack, because of a long history of respiratory illness.

WARNING: Images of scene in link Rasmei News


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