Chinese Drivers Lose Rides

Preah Sihanouk province: According to a report by Traffic Police of Preah Sihanouk province, at around 10 PM on Monday, December 3 2018, traffic checks on Independence Street yielded the following results:

25 Alcohol positive results.

14 Chinese owned automobiles were taken to the Traffic Police Office as follows:

1. LEXUS RX300 white labeled number plates Sihanoukville 2A-8559.

2. LEXUS RX300 white labeled number plate, Sihanoukville 2B-7200.

3- HIGH LANDER Brand Color Bags No. 2AS-1903.

4- LAND CRIUSER Color Label Number 2D-4899.

5-RAV4 color wheel number plate number 2Z-0060.

6-LEXUS RX330 white color plate, number plate, Phnom Penh, 2Y-9364.

7- HIGH LANDER number plates to Sihanoukville 2A-8339.

8-HIGH LANDER, gold plate number 2B-9801.

9-HIGH LANDER, black, 2AH-7680.

10-HIGH LANDER, gold, plates No. 2AH-6505.

11-White HYUNDAI STARIX brand name plate number Sihanoukville 2B-7281.

12-White BMW logo plates, Phnom Penh 2AU-5208.

13-HYUNDAI STARIX Brand Color Silver Brand Number 2AX-8098.

14- The LEXUS RX300 white labeled No. 2S-7228 had a driver with a valid driving license and allowed to continue the journey.

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