Use National Library, Director Urges Public

The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has called on the public, students, monks, scholars, writers, foreigners and specialists to read more books at the National Library.

Mr. Sok Sophal, director of the National Library of Naval Heritage Office, said on the morning of November 28, the number of people reading books at the National Library is still limited. Authors and foreign visitors can also come to read books and research relevant information for lessons or documents.

He added that in the National Library, there are many old and new books, covering subjects such as French, Economics, History, Business, Geography, History, Mathematics, Khmer, Chemistry, Magazines, foreign languages and more.

He noted that on a daily basis, most visitors who read books were students, researchers and authors. So from now on, the National Library calls on the public to read more books there. He appealed to students and the general public to use  the National Library to gain social knowledge and build the country for the future.

The National Library has 20325 historical and research books, most of them read by monks, students and foreigners.


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