Skeleton Discovered in PP- Believed to be Korean Man

(Phnom Penh): A man who stopped to urinate on a plot of land had a grisly at 7:10 am on November 28, 2018.

The man noticed an unusual bag on the spot near Kob Srov Dam in Trapeang Pou village, Kouk Roka commune, Preak Pnov district, Phnom Penh.

As he approached he saw what looked like a human head wrapped in tape. He immediately reported the find to the local cops who came to the scene.

Forensic specialists examined the body, and said the victim had been cut in two and dumped in a blue bag. The body was badly decomposed and part skeleton.

The corpse was then taken to the local pagoda and a murder investigation opened.

UPDATE: District police chief Colonel Chin Kimthuy yesterday told the Khmer Times

“According to a DNA test, the victim is a Korean and we suspect he was a man because the hair was short and the ears were not pierced. He was probably killed at least 15 days ago and the killers cut the body into two and put the upper portion in the black bag which the villagers found.”

Col Kimthuy added that police have yet to identify the victim or suspects. He urged those who have lost a family member to contact the police.

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