Drunk Foreigner Crashes RCAF Camry

Phnom Penh: A Chinese man, suspected of being drunk crashed a Camry with a Royal Cambodian Armed Forces number plate.

The incident occurred at 12 pm local time on November 28, 2018, at the front of Phnom Penh International Airport, along the Russian Federation Boulevard in Kandal 2, Khan Por Sen Chey, Phnom Penh.

According to a source from the scene, the car RCAF license plate number 09-2-8500 was traveling from east to west when it hit barrier dividing the road. The driver got out the car unharmed and quickly disappeared.

After the incident, local authorities came down, and took the car to Phnom Penh Road Traffic Office waiting for the owner to come forward.



*This is the second incident in the same area involving Chinese drivers using RCAF plates and getting into solo accidents.

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