Lucky Break For Chinese Gamblers in Pailin

Pailin Province: Six Chinese were arrested by Pailin’s armed forces on November 18, 2018 at Diamond Casino, on the Thai-Cambodian border in Phsar Prum village, Stung Kok commune, Sala Krao district.

After 10 hours of interrogation, all men were set free.

Mr. Pheap, a prosecutor in Pailin province, claimed that he did not know the reason behind the arrests and release, as the provincial military police had only reported to him after. But Commander of the Royal Gendarmerie of Pailin, Lieutenant General Van Longlin, said it was related to gambling.

The six Chinese people; Choi Long, 39, Chun Chung, 41, Eang Ing, 45, Saing Cheng, 33 years, Hong Sann, 45 years and an unnamed 40 year old (*employee?) were detained (*possibly after a casinos lost over $ 100,000 in one night to them).  At 10:30, said that there had been no formal complaints and they were released.

According to Tin Pheap, the prosecutor of the Pailin Provincial Court, he did not know about the case and that he had just received information of the arrests as the military police released them.

Lieutenant General Van Van Long, commander of the provincial military police, confirmed that the six Chinese nationals were released.

An employee of a casino, who was also sent by his manager to the police at 8:00 am has now been relieved of his duties.

The case, related to some gambling scam, did not have enough evidence to present to the court to proceed with the law.

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