Kampot KTV Shootout

Shooting Incident Outside Royal Karaoke in Kampot

11/2018, at 18:10 pm, there was a shooting incident involving six suspects at Royal Karaoke in Kampot in Tou Tou North, Apeang Chea Commune, Kampot Town, Kampot Province.

After leaving Royal Karaoke, the perps fired a pistol, and fled on motorbikes and escaped. After this, they fired another two rounds at two other places (on the bridge of Prek Kampong Bay 1 and near one of the karaoke bars.
After the incident, the police searched for the suspects and found them eventually. The operation from last night booked so far the following results:

Detention of two perpetrators

1- Heng Chenda, called 33-year-old in Alyin Sub-Khmer Commune, Sangkat Apeang Chea, Kampot, confiscated one pistol, Macro L1, LL T620.
2- Sophea Mao, male, 33 years old at Ta Duc village, Sangkat Apeang Chey, Kompot city, Kampot province.

Source: http://tdnewsasia.com/archives/43122

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