Khmer Man Detained After Chinese Land Swindle

Kandal Province: Kandal provincial police detained Mr. Seng Sopheak, a 35-year-old man Cambodian national from Ang Snoul district, Kandal province, after a complaint from a Chinese national named Chhin Feng.

On October 15, 2016, Chin Feng met with Seng Sopheak and some of his accomplices. They established a company called SiWMM Investment Co., Ltd., registered with the Ministry of Commerce. Mr. Chan Feng owned 60% of the company, Mr. Seng Sopheak and his colleagues 40%.

After the agreement, Mr. Sopheakdey received 293,200 US dollars from the Chinese investor, and bought 28,829.80 square meters But the in reality, only 21,101.55 square meters were actually purchased; a difference of 7,728.25 square meters. 

Seng Sopheak and his accomplices were greedy and took advantage of the fact the Chinese could not speak or read Khmer. They also filed documents, made a letter of authority with the fingerprints, delegations and rights with the participation of the village chief.

 Mr. Sopheak then used trickery to file a complaint with the Phnom Penh court to arrest the Chinese man and get him repatriated to China, so his side could legally take all the land. 

After reviewing the case, the court decided to release the Chinese nationals who then filed a counter complaint with the Kandal Court.

The court also issued a letter to Seng Sopheak and his accomplices, but Seng Sopheak and his associates did not approve.

On November 14, 2018, he was detained and sent to the Kandal court for many hours for questioning, The Kandal Court of First Instance then issued an arrest warrant for imprisonment on charges of “breach of trust and fraud” under articles 391, 392 and Article 626.627 of the Penal Code. 


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